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Christopher & Monica Pennings

Pennings Family 


Our vineyard is young, yet our region is historical when it comes to growing grapes!


We currently produce delectable and distinct Hudson River region wines.

Pennings Vineyards  planted it's first block of grapes in  2006.  Our extreme fondness of wine, family heritage and a passion for farming is what has led us down this exciting path in life!  We are proud to say we have branched off and lead a new generation of Pennings farmers.  

The grapes planted, the wine produced, reflect the Hudson River region wine identity.

As many  wine enthusiasts discover this regions style of cool climate wines, the demand for our product has increased dramatically.  We are here to meet that demand.  If you share a passion for the wines of the Hudson River region, keep up to date with us as we grow.


Visit our regions wineries and our families at Pennings Orchard & Pennings Farm Market and Pennings Cidery for apples, peaches and more!


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