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BELLA SOLD OUT Crisp, oaked and dry with a kiss of buttery flavors.  This white wine is produced with Seyval Blanc estate grown grapes.  It is lightly oaked and brilliant on sight.  The bouquet is suggestive of oak and green apples. Hudson River Region AVA.  GOLD 2022 Hudson Valley Wine & Sprits Competition!
HOLY COW An off dry, zesty, white wine reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc. A wonderful accompaniment with spicy appetizers, and chicken dinners. A great summer time sipper!  Holy Cow is crafted from our estate grown Cayuga White grapesHudson River Region AVA. 

APPLEOOSA  A proud family wine with its base produce from Pennings Orchards & Pennings Vineyards!  A blend of apples to tickle the taste buds of apple lovers.  Delicate and subtle apple flavors & bouquet.  Excellent with pork & turkey...a Thanksgiving favorite!!!  SILVER 2023 Hudson Valley Wine & Sprits Competition!  

OLÉ   Sweet, full bodied, fruity white wine produced from Cayuga White grapes.  Sweet flavors of tropical fruit and summer!  Pairs with most fresh fruit and chocolate desserts. This wine is featured in our White Wine Sangria that we serve during summer months!

GOLD RUSH   Newcomer since 2021!  Orange County Distillery Bourbon barrel aged white wine!  This Limited Production wine is infused with notes of bourbon, honey and vanilla on the finish.  The wine is off dry and a real rush of flavors with a higher alcohol content.  BRONZE 2023 Hudson Valley Wine & Sprits Competition!

DEEP ROOTS  An off dry, light bodied, marriage of red wine.  Peppery and spicy!  Excellent BBQ red! Perfect with any traditional hearty meal.  Blend consists of Noiret, Cabernet Franc and Frontenac.  BRONZE 2022 Hudson Valley Wine & Sprits Competition!


WHITE WINE SANGRIA  Refreshing & Light & Fruity!  This simple mix of our Ole sweet wine along with fruit juices, fruit and other surprise ingredients.  Lower in alcohol content, this is a summer "go to" drink! Served by the glass or by the pitcher!

RED LIGHT DISTRICT  A sinful symbiosis of fresh grown peach wedges marinated in sugar and lemon juice, frozen into the your glass, that is served with Deep Roots red wine!  The fusion of sweet and spicy develops slowly.  Every sip is unique and tantalizing!  Limited availability of this seasonal drink. Typically available in August.

MINT JULEP   A variation of the traditional southern cocktail...a layer of ice, a spoonful of estate harvested local honey, a generous sprigs of mint, all devoured by a pouring of Gold Rush bourbon barrel aged white wine!!  Absolutely a stunning cocktail.  Winemakers favorite cocktail!!  Please enjoy this one!!

TWISTED APPLE    This fun fall drink brings every ounce of autumn with it!  Fresh cut apple wedges swirled with Appleoosa wine and a spoonful of caramel, garnished with a full cinnamon stick to stir your colorful autumn season in!  Sweet & Simple :)

MARGARITA WINE SLUSHIE   This SUMMER time favorite cools down the palate during our warmer days in the Hudson Valley!!  A creamy iced delight garnished with both a wedge of Orange & Lime!
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